Monday, September 8, 2008

OpenCV on iPhone OS - 2

I ran the simple application on the iPod touch. 
I added three image processing step to an OpenGL ES sample application provided by Apple. 

What the application does is : 
- Create OpenGL ES surface 
- Load a color image 
- In the rendering loop 
   1. Gray scale conversion from the original color image 
   2. Simple thresholding 
   3. Canny edge detection. 
- Display 4 resulting images with texture mapping. 

Well, after the image processing with OpenCV functions are added, the OpenGL ES application becomes much slower than before. Unfortunately I couldn't measure the exact frame rate of my application, but I feel that it is about 1 frame/sec. 

Too slow huh ? 

Update on 09/26/2009: Well, the frame rate is because of glTexSubImage2D I called in every frame to render the result and the size of image (I used 512x512 image).

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