Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bypassing provisioning on iPhone 3.0 SDK

With the update of iPhone SDK 3.0, Apple made some unknown changes to its provisioning method. So the old workaround for disabling Provisioning Profile does not work any more on 3.0 SDK.

I found a solution to this problem here.

This is not a best solution because it may have problems with minor SDK update (like 3.0.1) in the future but it works anyway.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bug in the SIO2 Engine Tutorial02 ??

I found that there is missing functions in the tutorial02.
In the function 'templateLoading', these are missing.

sio2ResourceBindAllImages( sio2->_SIO2resource );
sio2ResourceBindAllMaterials( sio2->_SIO2resource );

The tutorial02 works well with the included tutorial02.sio2, but it does not with the other models that have texture images. After I added them, now the tutorial works fine.

Compare the procedure with the one in the Tutorial04.

Update: Well, the tutorial02 is about just using 3D models, which has no textures. So, the tutorial code is not a bug, actually.