Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling about Wikitude on iPhone 3GS

Few days ago, I downloaded the Wikitude application, which is one of augmented reality application providing information based on the user's location.

Here's a screen capture of Wikitude. It looks like a well-organized application. The information is retrieved from the Internet and displayed on the video background.

However, the widgets floating on the video background is unstable since the widgets' positions change depending on the iPhone's built-in compass and accelerometer. Even small movement can shake the widgets pretty much. Maybe, more filtering is required for stable widget display.

In addition, the widget is too small, to read characters on it and to select one of them. I'd like have a control that changes the widget's size in the settings menu. Moreover, the widgets are overlapped each other, and it makes it hard to read the titles of widgets.

Actually, the video background does nothing in the application. The widgets are not precisely registered on the video background. This also makes the widgets look floating, not being registered to the background video.

So, I think what Wikitude shows is AR does not guarantee good user-experience in every application. Sometimes, it is more effective to display information in a table-view instead of overlaying it on the video.

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  1. I would have to agree with you. I downloaded the API as well, hoping it would provide an easier means to wade into the AR pool but found its display of the points almost useless for my purposes. Your solutions seem a bit more elegant in their implementation, just wish you had the time to post a tutorial on how to program some of solutions you showcase.