Thursday, July 8, 2010

2nd Day of ISUVR 2010 - Invited Talk 2

Seunghee Lee gives us a presentation about 3D modeling and animation for AR.

There are two major methods for motion creation, keyframe-based and data-driven methods. His interest is in Physics-based animation, which adopts the physicial properties of an object. The physics-based method can create complex motions that are very very difficult to create through keyframe-based methods.

But physics are not all for complex motion. We need one more thing, motor control principles for realistic motion.

The questions in this area are:
  • What is a realistic and robust motor controller
  • How to compute complex motions fast.
To create realistic motion/animation, a keyframe-based animation made by hand is corrected by using physical analysis. In visual, it is not easy to see difficulties between the hand-made and the corrected animation. But the point is that hand-made animations take much time to create, whereas the physics-based approach let us make it instantly.

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