Thursday, July 8, 2010

3rd Day of ISUVR 2010 - Paper Session 2

Andreas Duenser et al. presented the paper 'Evaluation of Tangible User Interfaces for Desktop AR'.

In the paper they discussed how to evaluate tangible user interfaces in an AR desktop environment. Andreas introduced a TUI named Slider interface designed for AR.
The user studies revealed :
  • Paddle interface has problems of jittering in tracking, and selection is difficult with it.
  • Mouse interface is the fastest interface in task completion speed, but it suffers from the confusion of forward/backward movement in AR nvironment.
  • Slider interface is difficult to select a specific value and it is better for selection of a relative value.
  • All interfaces show the same accuracy.

Muhammad Rusdi Syamsuddin presented the paper 'Research on Virtual World and Real World Integration for Batting Practice' .

The paper is about a system relating the real and the virtual world through pitching and batting actions in a baseball game. The scenario is as follows: The pitching data of a professional baseball player available on MLB website is simulated in the virtual space and the user in the real world becomes a batter with the interface of Wiimote. The idea of the system is very interesting.

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