Monday, August 23, 2010

ISMAR 2010 Demo Video

Finally, my paper is accepted to ISMAR 2010, a very nice conference in Augmented Reality field. Here are my demo videos.

Reference: W.Lee, Y. Park, V. Lepetit, W.Woo, "Point-and-Shoot for Ubiquitous Tagging on Mobile Phones," International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 2010.

You can find more screenshots here.

PC version implementation

iPhone version implementation


  1. Very impressive.
    Is the all learning process bound to the iPhone, or are you delegating some work (the model creation) to a remote server?

    BTW, I've tried googling the paper and couldn't find it. Any chance you'll be sending it to me?

  2. @rouli / Hello. I don't use any server for processing, the entire work is done on the mobile phone. The paper is not published yet because ISMAR 2010 is in Oct. I'm sorry that I cannot send you the paper due to our project issues. Thanks !

  3. Very very impressive stuff.
    What are your plans for it though? Just a paper? Open-source it? License it? The ability to tag models/data reliable to images and align them really is a big gap at the moment. (at least as far as reliable implementations go).

    Client-side processing is also a big advantage. Ive seen server-side systems, but Id worry about them being inscalable or two centralized.

    Great work!

  4. @darkflame / Hi, darkflame. Well, I'm thinking about releasing the implementation as Open Source. Maybe somebody can improve it. But until now, the algorithm has some limitations, so I'd like to update the algorithm and then to release it.

    Thanks for your interest !

  5. Thats great news. I'm involved with a little open source effort myself (, and it would be great to implement this algorithm at some stage into it.
    Thanks for your reply, I'll be following this :)