Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to remove Google Apps on my mac with El Capitan

After I upgraded my mac to El Captitan, I found that there are some of apps like Google Search and Youtube, which I didn't installed by myself. Actually those are Chrome Apps, like Google Music app.

What is Google doing? I don't understand why they install these apps and showing them in application lists. I decided to remove them because I never use them.

Go to Your Home --> Applications --> Chrome Apps and you will see the apps. Just move the apps you want to remove to trash by 'Command + Delete'

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Using OpenCV 3.0 on XCODE 7 for iOS

Recently, I tried OpenCV 3.0 on XCODE 7 for iOS app development. When using OpenCV 3.0 on XCODE 7 for iOS application development, adding opencv2.framework to the project is not enough to make it work. XCODE 7 couldn't locate opencv.hpp header file, like the screenshot below. 

The reason why it complains is because XCODE 7 does not add the path of opencv2.framework to Framework Search Path under Build Settings of the project. 

Thus, the solution is just adding opencv2.framework path to the Framework Search Path as shown below. After adding the path, the build finishes without problems !!